Check out this week's school lunch menus...


We care about the food your child eats at lunchtime and we are constantly seeking improvements to ingredients and menus.

In the meantime, here are some facts about our lunches:

  • • All our fresh, baked potatoes are grown in Lancashire.
  • • All our fresh yoghurt is low fat and is locally produced by Ann Forshaw Longridge.
  • • All our fresh produce is specified as Class 1. Wherever possible our policy is to use assured produce providing traceability from seed to plate.
  • • There are no Genetically Modified (GM) ingredients in any of our lunches.
  • • Our fresh beef burgers are a healthy 85% beef grill.
  • • Our cheese is animal rennet free and suitable for vegetarian and religious diets. The Cheese is also locally manufactured to our very own specification that is low in sodium and salt.
  • • Our crunchy chicken fillet in our wrap is 100% chicken breast fillet that is non ‐fried and was especially developed for us.
  • • Our gravy and our fruit jelly are suitable for vegetarians.
  • • Our jelly contains no artificial colour or flavour.
  • • Our meat dishes do not contain any mechanically recovered (MRM) meat.
  • • Our roast beef is from Cumbria and is best topside.
  • • By popular demand we include Quorn products within our menu.
  • • Wherever possible we use branded products such as Whitby Scampi, Harry Ramsden's Chip Shop Fish, Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire Puddings, Bird's Eye fish fingers, and Bisto gravy.
  • • A panel of children tests all new recipes and products.
  • • Our milk is Red Tractor Farm Assured and sourced from local dairy farms.
  • • Our eggs are Lion Quality Assured, Free Range and Locally Sourced.
  • • Where possible, our fish is sourced from sustainable fisheries accredited by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).
  • • Our pork sausages and pork meatballs are British and carry the British Pigmeat Quality Mark (BPEX).
  • • The pork sausages are of gold award winning standard.
  • • The tuna we purchase is Dolphin Friendly.